Dual Blade stats/skills -an overview (wafflecopterz)

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Dual Blade stats/skills -an overview (wafflecopterz)

Post by Derp on Sun Nov 22, 2015 8:06 pm

Figure I'd get this place started with something everyone is googling with no avail. Trust me, I was there.


There are 3 Basic schools of thought, then they way I'm playing.

1. 2 Luck / 1 Dex per level
-Is the most logical approach, but I find it a bit lacking in the mid sections of the game.

2. All Luck
-Full damage, low defensive capability. Not recommended unless you got a lot of $$ and wanna see big damage numbers throughout the game while dousing yourself in potions.

3. 1 Str / 1 Dex / 4 Luck (Per every 2 levels)
-Higher than average health, OK defense, same luck/damage as 2Luk/1Dex build.
-This one is funky but I saw it on a japanese guide site for the game, figured I'd include it.

4. 6 Luck / 4 Dex
-Stand back, this one involves maaaath. Basically pumping up the defense while keeping up decently with the damage.
-I personally prefer this because it lets me take more damage so I can auto-attack train in higher level places while I sleep/afk.

Here's a japanese guide with terrible english, you'll need Google Translate: https://www.dopr.net/maplestorypocket/dbsta


I am using the below skill setup, prioritizing the Damage Output skills first. The source is PooPanda on Reddit https://www.reddit.com/r/pocketmaplestory/comments/3r89uz/abilities_for_dual_blade/cwlvtto

1st Job
Nimble Body - 5
Disorder - 5
Dark Sight - 1
Blade Storm - 20 (Max)
2nd Job
Katara Booster - 10
Katara Mastery - 30 (Max)
3rd Job
Blade Fury - 5
Shadow Resistance - 20 (Max)
Slash Storm - 20 (Max)
4th Job
Flash Jump - 10 (Max)
5th Job
Mirror Image - 30 (Max)
Owl Spirit - 5
Bloody Storm - 10 (Max)
6th Job
Sudden Raid - 40 (Max)
Final Cut - 30 (Max)
Thorns - 30 (Max)

You can read more in the link, but this build seems well thought through and offers full-map attacks later game.

Here's also a google-translate requiring build, with much english broken: https://www.dopr.net/maplestorypocket/dbskill1

Hope this helps people looking for some actual answers! I will edit this if people have good suggestions/builds.

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