Dual Blade and Demon slayer. nice or bad?

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Dual Blade and Demon slayer. nice or bad?

Post by porkit on Thu Dec 03, 2015 12:13 pm

Me= dual blade lvl 105 = stop playing for

Dual blade
Skills = crap Ouch
range attack = crap Panicky
150 lvls only using triple stab (2nd job) and boring sudden rain Flaming
Mp = crap Flaming

Demon Slayer = All crap Sweetness

only nice is AB


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Re: Dual Blade and Demon slayer. nice or bad?

Post by Lythrinix on Thu Dec 03, 2015 3:08 pm

I have to agree that it is hard to play a DB and you need to have a calm mind for. But I don't think that the skills of a DB are complete garbage. Just think about Sudden Raid or Final Cut + all buffed up. You'll deal an insanely amount of damage. Your range attack also changes by hitting the 6th Job Advancement.

But yeah, AB's are awesome. Very Happy

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Re: Dual Blade and Demon slayer. nice or bad?

Post by RasAlgethi on Sun Dec 06, 2015 4:35 pm

Well, DB is pretty much the hardest class to play, especially to autotrain from what I've heard read. Compared to AB and DS they really get the shit end of the stick..

I think it's something like this:
Manual play:
AB has the highest damage output of any class, as well as a very goo AoE

When full DEX, or high DEX, DS's are extremely durable and level fast. I usually trained on monsters 20-30 levels higher than myself, without pots.

From a party/bossing standpoint:
AB's are no doubt completely nerfed, the only real downside is that they're very frail. Which can make leveling a pain as it pretty much makes auto-training impossible without funding of any sort.
But when these things hit 3rd job BOOM Soul Resonance.
I've been in a party with 2 lvl 140 AB's who had a permacrit build, hitting 170-190k damage per resonance hit. We raided the sudden dungeon about 30 times in an hour taking more time in the lobby than in the actual dungeon.

DS's on the other side are really bulky and are pretty much unkillable, especially with proper buffs and with a high lvl Raven Storm. Note that this regards a high DEX/full DEX build. My DS is lvl 140, has about 9.5k hp. And nothing in the game for perhaps the last two story bosses can 1 hit me. Then again my damage is less than desirable as I can only hit for about 37-39k per hit when using Raven Storm. Plus all of their attacking skills have a cooldown. But it is the ultimate auto-level class.

Then Dual Bladers, I really don't know about this class. I feel they are somewere in the middle. Most DB's deal more damage than me, but nowhere near as close as AB's. Then they are a little bit less frail than AB's, but are still made of glass compared to DS's.

Anyway from what I've heard DB is suposedly the hardest class.
I've got no real experience with them, I've got a 140 DS and I'm currently building an AB. And I'm skipping DB and going for Kaiser as soon as it comes out.

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Re: Dual Blade and Demon slayer. nice or bad?

Post by Uisperz on Thu Dec 10, 2015 10:20 pm

do not ever created a dual blade, kaiser, demon slayer. NEVEEERR the best is Angelic Buster!!!


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Re: Dual Blade and Demon slayer. nice or bad?

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