Dual Blade Auto Combat Assistance

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Dual Blade Auto Combat Assistance

Post by Tyas2000 on Tue Dec 01, 2015 1:06 pm

Hello Maplestorians!
This is Tyas2000.
I am a Dual Blade currently leveling up in Pocket Maplestory trying to figure out the best stat build for auto leveling overnight.

Currently I am 200 Dex (all dex) at like level 67 or so.
The issue is that I have premium VIP so I can afford to buy pets to auto heal me (I have one currently), and potions are limited (I can probably have about 300-400 to use a night), so would it beneficial to spec into 2/2 dex : luck.?

Problem is that I never die, but I'm not killing quickly enough.
I get about 2 levels per night currently.
I was recently 50 dex, rest luck. Potions and pet could net me 5+ a night.
So what're your opinions?

Thanks in advance.

Yours truly,

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Re: Dual Blade Auto Combat Assistance

Post by Lythrinix on Thu Dec 03, 2015 2:58 pm

Hey Tyas2000,

I'm currently a Lv. 113 DB and I'm mostly on afk-grind as I haven't unlocked my 6th Job yet. Note: I have no VIP Buffs nor pets!!!

To be honest, 5+ Lvl-Ups at night-grinding is a good amount for your mid-game phase. I only got 2-3 Lvl's, just in comparison.

So, to get this started: In my opinion, there is no such thing as the "perfect" build for a Dual Blade. If you mostly play manually, then I would go more on luk. However, if your focus lays on afk-grind, full-dex is the option. But still, a DB can't be a "Hybrid" or a "Tank-blended-with-high-damage-dealing-monster".

So, what I did was following:

I went full-dex up to Lv. 70. I was mainly afk-grinding as actually playing the game. That net me like 2-3 Lvl Ups a night. I was completely satisfied as I even took 1 dmg from stronger monsters on Magatia. After hitting Lv. 70, I wanted to deal way more damage to speed up the leveling. I went 2 luk 1 dex. And monsters still hit me 1 while I was slowly increasing my damage and at once decreasing the time-period between the Lvl-Ups.

Though, I noticed that at Lv. 95+ mobs were hitting way harder as usual, even on equal levels with me. Thus I had to recalculate my points as 2 luk 1 dex wasn't working anymore. I've solved that easily: I just spent all my points on dex until the monsters, which were on equal level, hit me 1 again. After that, I did my 2 luk 1 dex again. And up to now I'm still using this strategy for my Dual Blade. On average I Lvl'd up 2 by night. Notice that it gets harder to level in the end-game-phase!

I hope I could help you out a little bit. It's just my "build" of a Dual Blade, not the One-and-Only Wink

Cheers, Lyth.

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