Guild Etiquette

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Guild Etiquette

Post by Lythrinix on Thu Nov 26, 2015 1:47 pm

Greetings pMS'lers,

every forum needs it's own set of rules, so does this one. Let's start from the basic ones. I highly recommend that you read this before posting anything here.

1. Creating a thread for your guild

Creating a guild is something that takes time for you to think about what you wish to write and what you want to represent. This mostly refers to useless threads such as:

Deucebag wrote:
We are snipr elite pls join us!!!!! WE RECRUT!

If you are not willing to put a time into creating your guild, you shouldn't be here. Don't post threads like this, it will be a waste of space. If you are actually willing to make a good guild, but don't know where to start from or what to write, please read this. There you can read basics for creating a guild.

2. Invading Threads

Now, this is what many people do. There are many motivations to go and post on someones threads. Discussing Events or having a friendly chit chat is allowed, you can even write a positive encouragement. Many people like to come to someones thread that has just been created and write "What kind of guild is this, you don't have this, that, blah blah". Do not do that. If you wish to recommend something to that guild leader, you have a PM and it is a better method for giving critics / suggestions. Second thing that you shouldn't do is to publicly judge someone. For example, if someone guild hopped or applied to a different guild, don't post it publicly, PM the leader and let him do the rest.

3. Interfering into guild problems

Every guild has its own problems, and many of you take an advantage of it and try to derail the thread while clan is in a poor state. Adding fuel to the fire is undesirable and will bring consequences, so avoid doing it. You are allowed to interfere into discussion only if you have to say something that can really help, but again, sending a private message to someone is much more desirable.

4. Stick to the general rules

As the title says, stick to the general rules such as "Don't insult other people", "Do not do multiple posts pointless" and similar, basic rules.

With that being said, I hope that you will stick to the rules and be friendly. Have a nice day!

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Re: Guild Etiquette

Post by Tykian on Thu Nov 26, 2015 4:21 pm

While I agree in general I don't think theres any problem with asking the guild master and his/her members about their guild inside the thread.

Think I'm going to sticky it anyway, though perhaps we should do a bit of proofreading Wink

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