Guild EXP (Explained)

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Guild EXP (Explained)

Post by Derp on Sun Nov 22, 2015 7:25 pm

After two days of testing, we have found out some very interesting things about how Guild EXP is obtained. This one probably took the most time because we had to make a guild strictly for testing and watch how things worked in a controlled setting.

One common misconception is that guild EXP is only obtained by killing monsters; while partly true, members in your guild killing monsters does net some guild EXP, it's not the only factor. When members in your guild level up this also nets guild EXP. Here is some of our data on this that you can in fact easily test for yourself.

We started a character and leveled it up to 10 to create a guild. We invited a level 1 and made sure it was the only character obtaining exp. Leveling this character from 1-4 netted us 0.01% guild EXP. Leveling this character from 4-7 netted another 0.01% guild exp. 7-10 again another 0.01%.

After this we made another level 1 dual blade, (dual blade can level up almost to 4 without killing a single mob) same results, at level 4 we got 0.01%. This being said, it confirmed MOB exp wasn't the only factor as quest EXP worked just the same.

In another controlled setting, we have a level 47 AB doing auto battle in a guild alone. About every 60% of exp gained nets 0.01% with another 0.01% gained when she levels up every 2 times. It seems the higher level you are, the less amount of (Level Ups) you need for the (Level up EXP).

Breaking things down

 -Guild EXP updates in real time

 -Marks of honor do not directly contribute to Guild EXP It's for ranking only (from what testing we did)

 -Guild Dungeons do not give more Guild EXP, you get whatever the mobs were worth just like you would outside of a guild dungeon.

 -All exp gained between guild members contributes to Guild EXP

 -Quest experience counts towards Guild EXP

 -When a member in your guild levels up, this is a separate mechanic that contributes to guild EXP (Level up EXP)

 -In the early levels, every +3 levels gained nets 0.01% Guild EXP

 -Characters around 40+ net 0.01% every 2 levels instead of 3 (Assuming the number of levels gets lower as you get higher)

 -Characters around 40+ net 0.01% about every 60% of their levels worth of EXP gained

This is about as much testing as I feel like doing for this, this should be enough information to satisfy your questions regarding Guild EXP.

If your wondering where to farm marks of honor, were trying to compile a huge list.. can be found here.

If anyone would like to contribute to this, do so with facts please!

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