Pocket maplestory FAQ (11/25/15 update!)

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Pocket maplestory FAQ (11/25/15 update!)

Post by Derp on Sun Nov 22, 2015 8:31 pm

How can I beat Stumpy?
Duoss has written a guide that helps with all bosses, for stumpy though you want to have a good amount of defence and wait till you're at least level 24.

When can I do a dungeon?
Dungeons unlock at level 20

How do I make a party
You can't group up outside of dungeons. You can however do dungeons as a group/guild

How do I trade items?
Sadly, we can't yet. I believe the Korean version has this feature now so we will be able to eventually.

How do I join a guild?
You can click the guild icon and then use the search option, find a guild, click them and apply. (It's up to the guild leader to approve or deny you)
Note: You can only apply to one guild at a time.

Whats up with crafting?
I'll be making a detailed crafting guide soon.

I keep dying in group dungeons, HELP!
You can actually hotkey potions by going to your inventory while in a dungeon.

Pianus is impossible
Actually someone posted a video of a spot right behind him where you can stand and kill him.

Is there controller support?
Not officially, unofficially I heard theres an app that allows the use of an xbox controller with detailed setup.

How can I make mesos?
One easy was is to beef up your DEF so you can auto battle easier, then auto battle overnight for levels/mesos/items

Where do I find dim spirit stones
Lower level mobs drop them, you can also get them from dungeons.

How do I contribute to my guild?
Two ways actually, you can farm marks of honor that drop from random mobs, you can alternatively run guild dungeons for them.

What if I messed up my character stats/skills?
You can either spend 2000 candies (for either) to respec, or if your character isn't too high level and you want to save the candies you can easily just delete it and start over.

How do I transfer mesos?
Mesos and candies are saved to your account and shared between all of your characters.

How do I transfer items
The storage NPC located in every town shares with all of your characters, you can transfer items/equipment that's not Boundto you. If you want to transfer a bound item you will need scissors of karma.

How do I get level 130 gear??
The best way to get it is to use the candy shop and only spend MESOS on regular capsule machines, buy 10 items 2 times (level of items don't matter) and visit the crafting NPC. Fuse 2 items at a time over and over until you find what your looking for. You can also run dungeons, not recommended though.

HELP mushroom kingdom is too hard!
Firstly, make sure you get ALL of your 130 equips, also don't expect to be able to auto battle here (Minus the screen flip trick) this is when the game gets hard, these are the best tips to prepare. Also, you may want to respec and get A LOT MORE DEF.

Know of anything else worth mentioning? Post below xD

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