Basic Demon Slayer Builds (WIP)

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Basic Demon Slayer Builds (WIP)

Post by RickOnPC on Mon Nov 23, 2015 1:31 am

So it seems like there is quite a couple of builds out there already. Here's my contribution to them and these builds should be only considered as a very basic guideline into formulating your own. We each have our own playstyles, so modify them as you see fit.

===AFK/Defensive build

-Enough bossing capabilities to do main storyline quests
-Decent crit rate
-Great for auto training/full Dex builds
-Very high defensive capabilities with high MP pool and high HP regen with Raven Storm.
-Lower HP pool than most builds
-Not as high damage for end game

I'd consider this a decent class to use up until lv 140 and then consider resetting SP for something more damage oriented.

===Glass Cannon (High Damage, low defensive focus.)

-Most damage output.
-Highest possible critical rate
-Highest possible use of offensive passives
-Primarily a "manual" play style needed (lv 150 recommended)
-Low defense, so high leveled zones are extremely dangerous.
-Costly in terms of potions and gear in order to make the most of this build.

While this class is "reckless" I feel like it has the most bossing potential, being able to hit more than 80k damage per line with Raven Storm for a total of 320k damage per use. It's still bulky in terms of HP, especially if you opt for STR only build. This class is nearly impossible to use with AFK training.

==Unique Full Map attack build (Manual fighting recommended)

-Utilizes full map attacks to do massive damage from safe distances
-If used optimally, can be the quickest leveling build from all 3 here.
-Allows the use of raven storm primarily as the only bossing build
-Still uses 2 out 3 passive attack buffs optimally.
-Has the highest critical rate potential when using Dark Judgment and Dark Focus (may opt to use Raven Storm SP on Dark Focus for nearly 100% crit rate)
-Low defense
-Low HP/MP
-No Demon Impact making it less focused on bossing, and mostly on training.
-Both Infernal Concussion and Dark Judgment use HP and MP to cast, making it a costly and dangerous class.
-Requires manual play and have nearly no use in AFK training.

This build has to be the least used but most rewarding. It is extremely costly to use, with high focus on the map attacks that DS have making dungeon runs much shorter if used properly. It can be modified a bit to focus more on crit rates by sacrificing some SP from Raven Storm, though I feel it may be unnecessary.

===Final Notes===

Now you will notice that the main tie between all three of these builds is Dark Metamorphosis. The reason is because it has a really good attack buff while passively doing damage, making it a prime skill for DS. Due to that, I recommend that whatever build path you take, you consider maxing it first. There's also a lot of variation to these builds especially when it comes to Dungeons since you're forced to take only 4 skills, so having defensive buffs like Black Heart may end up costing you a spot, in which case obsidian skin may be favorable. If anything I should note that the 3 setups above cater more to training and overworld game play and less-so to dungeons at times. These 3 builds aren't absolute, as I mentioned before, so you can play around with the builds a little to fit your own playstyle.

Also I'd like to note that many do max Focused Fury but after playing around with the attack speed, it seems like it only becomes a viable skill after lv 130 strictly for the % attack boost and not the attack speed.

Good luck!

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Re: Basic Demon Slayer Builds (WIP)

Post by toff on Tue Nov 24, 2015 3:08 am

Just a note: Pure STR wasn't viable for me because of the accuracy issue. DEX provides accuracy for DS, so when you go pure STR, you end up missing about 50% of your hits.

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