[Tip] Having trouble with Pianus?

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[Tip] Having trouble with Pianus?

Post by Derp on Sun Nov 22, 2015 10:06 pm

I don't know if this was already stated somewhere on this forum but, there is a spot during the Pianus fight where you can avoid his lazer of doom and mobs.
There are 2 platforms behind Pianus.
If you get on the lower platform behind Pianus, you can hit him while avoiding his lazer and the mobs that he spawns.
(Sorry no picture :/ I'll try to get one later but I'm lazy)

Note: You WILL(from my experience) take damage but this method let's you take a lot less.
-There are spikes on the platforms.
-To avoid the spikes on the platforms you have to make sure you're hugging the right wall at all times.
-The weights that he drops may sometimes hit you. It's seems like it's based on rng though.
-LASTLY, sometimes the mob may glitch up onto the platform or hit you from the bottom. Not much though.

Hope this helps!
Have fun~


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