Monster drops bouncing around (blackturtle)

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Monster drops bouncing around (blackturtle)

Post by Derp on Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:05 am

Multiple times I have came across the game error where when I go to pick up the drops from a monster, one of the items (usually there monster specific drop) bounces around and I cannot pick it up. It continues blinking and bounces around unable to pick up. I think it usually happens when it's already blinking when I go to pick it up but I'm not sure.

Playing on iPhone 5s, latest iOS, version 1.0.0 (at the time of thread created), and I play over wifi.

Tykian: I too experience this. Always monster loot, generally I believe when the inventory would be considered full but there is room for more of that loot on its stack. I find its usually when I have an item quest for that specific item too.

HTC one M8, latest Android, 1.0.0 and still happening at 1.0.2. PS: While I think 1.0.2 is Android only, update to 1.0.1

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