Hair style guide by - Erenesy (Reddit)

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Hair style guide by - Erenesy (Reddit)

Post by Derp on Sun Nov 22, 2015 7:30 pm

Want to take on the randomness of Big Headward, but don't know what hairstyles are up for grabs? Fear not, I've made a complete list of every hairstyle in the game!
How does changing hair work?

To change your hair speak to Big Headward. The style of hair you receive will be random. The color of hair you receive is up to you. You will need 500 candies to change your hair. When changing your hair, you initiate a hair "run." During a run, you can roll for a new hairstyle as many times as you wish (while still needing to pay an additional 500 candies each time you roll). When you've decided your run is over, you can select any of the hairstyles you rolled, or elect to keep your old hair. Previously rolled hairstyles do not persist between conversations with Big Headward, so if you end your run, note you will have to re-roll for any hairs the next time you talk to him.
What's the deal with the default hair?

Once you change your hairstyle the first time, you cannot go back to the default hair. If you really like the default hair, don't change it, because there is no way to get it back.

Is it possible to roll the same hair twice in one run?

Is it possible to roll the hairstyle I'm already wearing?
Yes, unless you are wearing the default.

What are the odds of getting the hairstyle I want?
One in five if you are a male. One in six if you are a female.

What classes share hairstyles?
Hairstyles are separated by gender, not class, so all dual blades share a pool of hairstyles, and angelic busters/demon slayers share a pool of hairstyles. However, the default hairstyles are different for angelic buster/demon slayer.
If anybody comes across any hairstyles not mentioned, please feel free to let me know and I will update the guide. It's possible other hairstyles are available at later towns (I only checked hairstyles in the starting towns) and it's possible I didn't roll a certain hairstyle (despite doing over 25 rolls on each gender). If people really like what I've done here I will consider making a guide for facial expressions tomorrow. Thanks for reading and I hope I was of help!
Don't forget, the free 3,000 candy promotion is still going on, so now is a good time to get some free hairstyles!

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If someone wants to fancy up this post with pictures and what not I'll take this down for a replacement.

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