VIP megathread (WIP) (xDab)

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VIP megathread (WIP) (xDab)

Post by Derp on Fri Nov 27, 2015 4:54 am

VIP Mega Thread
The most detailed Pocket Maplestory Thread on the internet!

What is the VIP system in Pocket Maplestory?

The VIP system in Pocket Maple Story is a way of rewarding it's players for buying candy.  The more you buy, the higher your VIP rank increases (like an exp system), unlocking new exclusive pets/mounts and other features.

How do I become a VIP?

There are several ways to obtain VIP points through the purchase of candy;

A) 'Buy Premium Pack' tab
Players receive 'x' candy per day, every day (upon login) for the amount of days shown. (cheaper method)

B) 'Buy Candy' tab
Players receive a lump amount of candy, all at once (more expensive method)

So how much candy is required for each level of VIP?

Rank Chart

VIP 1 Requires 1,000 Candies purchased.
VIP 2 Requires 7,000 Candies purchased.
VIP 3 Requires 23,000 Candies purchased.
VIP 4 Requires 43,000 Candies purchased.
VIP 5 Requires 66,000 Candies purchased.
VIP 6 Requires 96,000 Candies purchased.
VIP 7 Requires 132,000 Candies purchased.
VIP 8 Requires ?????? Candies purchased.
VIP 9 Requires 232000 Candies purchased.
VIP 10 Requires 304,000 Candies purchased.
VIP 11 Requires 396,000 Candies purchased.
VIP 12 Requires 516,000 Candies purchased.
VIP 13 Requires 669,000 Candies purchased.
VIP 14 Requires ??????? Candies purchased.
VIP 15 Requires ??????? Candies purchased.
VIP 16 Requires ??????? Candies purchased.
VIP 17 Requires 2,000,000 Candies purchased.
VIP 18 Requires 2,646,000 Candies purchased.
VIP 19 Requires 3,564,000 Candies purchased.
VIP 20 Requires 4,850,000 Candies purchased.

(Chart is under construction)

The amount of candy needed is accumulative, meaning it is based on the total amount of candy you have purchased and does not reset after every purchase.  It also shows you in the top right corner how much candy is required to reach the next rank.

What are the rewards for being a VIP?

All VIP players receive a daily gift from Nexon, obtained through the VIP icon on the right hand side of the screen.  These rewards vary depending on your level of VIP and they include effects, meso, capsule coupons, mirrors (for dungeons), pets, mounts, buffs and upgraded attendance prizes.

VIP Exclusive Content

Most of the rewards mentioned above are self explanatory however some of the rewards such as the exclusive mounts, pets, buffs and attendance prizes have no way of obtaining any infomation on them unless you have actually unlocked them through the VIP system.  


VIP effects unlocked (an animation that appears around your character) to show off in towns and in dungeons to everyone, these can be briefly be found inside the VIP menu and are unlocked at the following levels:

VIP 11
VIP 13
VIP 15
VIP 17
VIP 19
VIP 20

VIP Attendance sheets

Blue Event

Red Event

Still missing gold event screenshot.

The above watermarked website is our old website, all credit goes to xDab for putting this together.

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Re: VIP megathread (WIP) (xDab)

Post by toff on Fri Nov 27, 2015 9:48 pm

DIA PET (VIP Cool gives 2%ATK and 2%DEF

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