Angelic Buster, the basics (leonardishere)

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Angelic Buster, the basics (leonardishere)

Post by Derp on Thu Nov 26, 2015 12:04 pm

Angelic Buster (or burster, depending on who you talk to or what translator you get it from) is a female pirate playable character that features long range and a lot of flashy pink and purple attacks. She's basically a gunner with superpowers and everything about her was designed by... well, I don't really have a word for that (not out of political correctness. I just really don't know how you would describe this).

What does this mean for you, the player?
STATS: Your main stat should be dex, personally I kind of like the auto stat distribution but it did give me one or two questionable points in int and luk, but I could see how those might be useful. You get three points per level to be added to stats.
EQUIPS: Your main weapon is a Soul Shooter, which can only be equipped by ABs. You will also be wearing gear made for female pirates.
MOVEMENT: You are very fast and very mobile. If you double tap on jump, you will fire a grappling hook to the platform (in some cases maybe even up to four platforms) above you, then fly upwards and land on it. You also have the equivalent to flash jump forward, to use this double tap jump while moving sideways.
ATTACKS: Your regular attack is spammable to no end; if you held it down all night, it would still be firing in the morning. It also hits multiple mobs, I believe up to three but that will need to be verified. It can also be used while in motion. Hold the attack button down, then press left or right to move and you will continue firing. You should try to stay as far away as possible from your enemies, as you are a range character with limited hp. Also, you will never touch another mp pot in your life, because you don't even have mp to begin with. Your attacks use something called a "Soul Battery", which is worth it's own subsection.
SOUL BATTERY: Imagine that your mp bar was replaced by a figurative battery, the soul battery. Except the only part of it's functionality that kind of correlates to a real life batter is the fact that it can be recharged. You recharge the battery by attacking, different attacks have different chances of recharging the battery. When you use a skill that requires soul battery, you will not be able to use that skill again until your battery recharges. You can still use your other attacks, even the ones that require soul battery, and they will act the same way. Because of this, you can't really spam your best attack move (unless it's recharge chance is 100%, which I don't think Nexon would do). Make sure to switch it up.
JOB ADVANCEMENTS: You can advance jobs up to three (beginner, one, two, three). You can upgrade to one at level 10, upgrade to two at level 40, and upgrade to three at level (insert level here as I have not gotten that far yet). The advancements are easy, basically talk to the person you need to, kill a few monsters, and return. You can only advance if you have completed the main quest up to that point, so make sure to have that done by the time you're ready to advance.
SKILLS: Skills will be covered in-depth (or as in-depth as we can possibly go at this time) but I'll do a brief overview now. The important thing to know while you're leveling up is you will not have enough sp between advancements to max all your skills. As a matter of fact, I only maxed one during my first job. Before you go adding sp to everything and thinking everythings all great, plan out what you want to do before you do it. In the first job, you will obtain 42 sp (somebody check my math on this please). During the second job, you will obtain 2 sp per level (I'm level 56 and it's still valid). All second job skills have a prereq in first job, and all third job skills have a prereq in second job, so make sure to plan this out carefully or you'll have to do what I did and go back and add sp to skills I'll never use but needed to get in order to get more powerful skills.
LEVELING: The grind isn't horrible if you know what you're doing. I'm not going to post anything about this cause it's not really a secret, plus it's 4 am and I have a paper due tomorrow and a final exam tomorrow.

GUIDE: I will be creating a guide in the near future, as in maybe tomorrow but probably not. Once I learn more of the skills and maybe even get the third job advancement, that's when I'll definitely do it. But as for right now, I'll do a little bit of a skill guide (not what I did as I screwed up, and probably not what I'm going to recommend in the final build as I haven't discovered any of the second job skills except for one.
First Job:
power transfer +1
star bubble +1
pink pummel +1
lovely sting +1
beautiful soul +1
star bubble +9 = 10

This part depends on you. If you like heavenly crash, go pink pummel +19 = 20. If you like shining star burst (which is what I would've done), go lovely string +19 = 20.
affinity +1
soul shooter mastery +8

Also please do note that my numbers may be off as far as number of sp alloted. This would only mean a difference in mastery at the end.

Second Job:
soul seeker +1
heavenly crash/shining star burst +1
at this point, pick to max one of these two then do the other one. I havent really thought about much past that

What I currently have (DO NOT COPY)(does not mean that I'm totally screwed, I just did things in a different order and I have to go back and do things wrong)(not in order of point allocation)
star bubble +10
melody cross +2
affinity +5
pink pummel +1
lovely sting +1
power transfer +2
soul shooter mastery +40(max)
beautiful soul +6
soul seeker +27

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