pKR optimal build guide + tip (SJK1106)

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pKR optimal build guide + tip (SJK1106)

Post by Derp on Thu Nov 26, 2015 11:39 am

Most credit for my knowledge goes to Korean Pocket Maplestory gaming community. (have personal preference here and there included)

This game has been out in Korean appstore/playstore for a while and I was able to find many useful guides.

1. Glass cannon build
all DEX

2. Tanky, auto combat-able build
all STR

3. Hybrid build
1 STR 2 DEX ratio
2 STR 1 DEX ratio

* STR gives most defense possible
* DEX gives most damage possible
* INT is absolutely useless for AB. Do not put any point in this stat
* LUK seems useless, but it also increase crit chance. Recommend getting it up to 60 for f2p users. 60 makes it enough for scroll upgraded, high lvl hats to give 100% crit chance

no hat or any crit chance equipments + 65 luk(60 pure + 1 clan skill + 4 equip)
in this condition, it will usually crit about half of the time, but sometimes...

personal opinion
- full DEX or 1 STR 2 DEX build is the best. AB is supposed to be dmg dealer.
- there is an alternative way of auto farming that makes full STR or 2 STR 1 DEX build rather meaningless. Will cover it later on this guide

optimal skill tree in Korea is pretty much identical to that of guide made by minadei

* personal opinions
- Lovely sting will have more dmg output, and less motion time until having finale ribbon to 14. Max it out first asap and use it until reaching 14 on finale ribbon.
- pink pummel is good for making mobs cluster so that you can attack them together, but it is useless in dungeon due to 4 skill slot limitation. I would rather have 1 point(only duration increase after 1, so no more than 1 needed) on power transfer as it gives 10% HP steal and it really helps saving money for potions. With this skill, you will pretty much never need potions unless fighting against boss.
- After maxing out soul resonance and finale ribbon, I would fully invest on passive skills or 2 buff skill at max if you don't like the power transfer. Like mentioned before, there is 4 skill slot limit to dungeons. Having soul resonance, and finale ribbon is a must. Ladder skill depends on personal preference, so it is up to you to choose ladder + buff or 2 buffs. (I go with soul resonance, finale ribbon, ladder, power transfer)

Auto farming trick

This was mentioned here, and that “someone” is me

1. Hold down auto attack button
2. Turn the screen around
3. Release auto attack button
4. ???
5. Profit!!!

This trick will make your character will remain stationary while auto attacking on its own.

Ex) magatia hidden map
- one of the best possible spot - moving platform allows you to attack three rows while remaining untouched


- Makes full dex/2dex1str build viable for f2p
- Safe farming, no need to be worried of dying


- Does not pick up item/mesos – this is why item pickup pet synergize so well with AB. Korean version have permanent yellow dragon pet for 1000 candy, which is dirt cheap compared to limited period edition of Pmaplestory global version.
- Slower farming – have to rely on mobs to spawn/move into your range of attack. Positioning well minimize this affect

I think this is pretty much all you need to know

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