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Davy's Q&A

Post by Derp on Thu Nov 26, 2015 7:27 am

Hello and welcome to my thread! Here I'll be answering common questions asked in Megaphone Chat along with questions asked in this thread (asuming I can edit the main post that is!) It should also be noted that most of this is from the perspectve of a AB player, so things like stumpy and the difficulty of farming mobs may be invalid if you play another class. Anywho, lets begin.

Q: I am level #, can I kill Stumpy?

A: As long as you have the Soul Buster that Eskalade (Ily Eskilade! <3) gave you the answer is yes. Stumpy can be killed no matter your level.

Q: How do I kill stumpy!

A: To kill stumpy you need to know how to bait his attacks. You can NOT dodge his teleport, you can however prevent him from ever using it. A indepth guide will be listed below. If you are level 23-24 baiting isn't necessary as you can heal your self after his teleport attack.

Q: Can I send items to others/trade?

A: Yes! But only by using the Scissors of Karma, which are 1000 candies ea. This is a feature for gifting only and restrictions apply.

Q: Why can't I mail items?

A: Because the 'Can not be attached to mail' is assigned to your item. Items such as general items, consumables, and equipment won in capsle machines have this tag and can not be sent to others.

Q: How do I farm levels?

A: Depends. If you have the money for 15-30 hp pots feel free to do repeatable quests. The lower the item/kill requirement the better. If you don't have those extra pots it might be better to try and find a hidden street. Hidden streets secret areas in maple that have large amounts of mobs, all of which give you lots of exp. If you don't have pots just be careful when farming them and sell their drops later, almost all hidden streets have safe zones. You can also use this as your main way of leveling outside of quests but this isn't always recommended as some quest's exp rewards outweigh the exp found in hidden streets.

Q: Whats the best way to farm levels?

A: One-time Quests > Repeatable Item Drop Quests (Return after low hp/die, do not return when you finish. Can be finished multiple times without leaving town.) > Hidden Streets | Repeatable Kill Count Quests (depends on respawn time and mob count.)

Q: How do I put someone in my party?

A: Dungeon>Lobby>Invite to Party (P.S. Parties in PMS ARE NOT the same as parties in MS. They are basically dungeon exclusive besides for the title above your head. Just a heads up!)

Q: Where is the Free Market?

A: There is no Free Market.

Q: How do I sell Items?

A: You sell equipment to the Equipment Merchant, and you sell everything else to the Consumables Merchant.

Q: How do I make mesos quickly?

A: By farming mid to low tier ememies for your area in hidden streets and selling the items they drop to the consumable merchant. Having the pet that gives +10% gold acquisition rate also helps.

Q: Where do I find Dim Stones?

A: You find Dim Stones near the beginning. You can always travel back there and farm them from the level 1 mobs. When you're level is too high (Dim stones will drop less frequently) try other low level mobs until you find the ones that drop them consistently.

Q: Why am I being one-hit?

A: Because you either don't have armor or don't have enough points into the Strength stat. Remember kids: Dex only builds are for masochists (like me!) So be sure to add some Strength every once in a while as a AB if you don't want a painful gaming experience. ;-)

Q: I am level #, can I kill Alishaur/Hiver?

A: See Question: "I am level #, can I kill stumpy?"

That's all! If I'm missing something leave a comment and I'll add it to the main post. For those who came for the stumpy walkthrough though, here it is (Angel Blasters only! ;-) ):

First thing's first. To kill stumpy you need to know the lay of the land. The rules are this: Never leave the bottom of the map (no platforming!,) never go to far away from stumpy, and always be on the right of the rope. The rope is a wall as far as you're concerned so don't cross it! You also need to know how to dash. Dash by pressing the jump button and then press the jump button while in mid air and moving in a direction. You need to wait .3 seconds to prevent your self from doing your other move so this might take some practice. Now we can finally fight stumpy, even if you're level 4. Go into stumpy's fight and cross the rope. Close in on stumpy and start auto attacking. Don't use abilities as they'll leave you vulnerable to attacks. Don't back up until you see the start of the attack aniation for his AOE attack. When he does simply back off a little bit and continue firing. Make sure you're in range to attack but out of his attack's range. Repeat this until you hit the wall (or the rope, remember don't cross it.) Shoot once or twice and then wait for him to come over. When you see the attack animation quickly dash past him and reposition your self to continue your attack. Rinse and repeat the above and you're good! As long as you're just out of range for his AOE attack he'll never teleport, and you'll never get hit either. Good luck fellow Angel Blaster!

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