DS AFK grind build.

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DS AFK grind build.

Post by Derp on Sun Nov 22, 2015 7:19 pm

Hello again everyone, I'm back with another guide for those interested.


Go full DEX, were going full dex mainly becuase we want the most armor value we can get. Most of the time you will be able to AFK grind on mobs that are over 10 levels higher than you.


Well, this ones pretty easy actually. Were going to focus on the passives!

1st Job

+10 points into Shadow Swiftness This one is optional, the accuracy and +speed do help early on.
+10 points into HP Boost Needed as prereq.
Save the rest.

2nd Job

+5 points into Demon Slash 1st Enhancement
+40 points into Dark Focus

3rd Job

+5 points into Demon Slash 2nd Enhancement
+5 points into Max Force Needed as prereq.
+40 points into Focused Fury

4th Job
+5 points into Demon Slash 3rd Enhancement
+30 points into Advanced Weapon Mastery
+30 points into Obsidian Skin

1. First priority is to get a +3 ring for HP recovery, search the tips section for a how to.
2. Armor: Your main focus here is going to be anything that gives higher DEF
3. Weapons: For weapons, if you can manage to get a hold of HP STEAL, that would be ideal.

Where to Grind
Usually the hidden streets are pretty good for us. Sometimes it's best to find a mob that drops marks of honor for your guild. At any rate, watch it AFK for a little while. If it seems like it can go to higher mobs.. it most likely can. Also pay attention to make sure the auto battle doesn't mess up. There are a lot of maps with pathing issues. Off topic, this is a good way to make mesos as well. Aqua road is about the only milestone that really sucks for us. I recommend Staying in ludi on the highest mobs you can grind until you can't grind any longer. Then quest through aqua road as quickly as possible and finishing pianus so that you can move on. Aqua road is notoriously bad for every class due to the swimming aspect, even worse for us because auto battle will never try and avoid traps.

This is a build you can use to auto AFK battle all the way to 130+ at about 130, this build isn't going to cut it much more and you will want to probably spend the candy to restat/skill and move to a more proper build that fits your playstyle.

For the most part, everything will hit you for 1 damage only. You can safely grind on things that hit for about 50 or less with the aid of your recovery ring. HP Steal will make it even easier.
Currently level 105 with this build, not much effort into leveling either since I spend most of my time creating and maintaining this forum.

Enjoy and happy mapeling.


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Re: DS AFK grind build.

Post by Delsephine on Tue Dec 29, 2015 11:19 pm

I'm using this as well, mostly because I don't plan to actually use DS for anything other than AFK grinding for drops and Mesos. If I have enough points, I may throw in Infernal Concussion or whatever that AoE is called, just to get through Mushroom Kingdom, though I might not even do Mushroom Kingdom because I'd have to reset just to kill the boss.


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