[Tip] Early Game Tip - Enchanting Rings! (wafflecopterz)

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[Tip] Early Game Tip - Enchanting Rings! (wafflecopterz)

Post by Derp on Sun Nov 22, 2015 8:40 pm

Hi Everyone!

So I found this out at level 30, but I wish I knew at level 24.

Those Level 24 rings for HP Regen/Max HP/MP Regen you can buy, they're dirt cheap. About 1.2K each.

Upgrade scrolls are 5K per scroll for Level 1-30 Equips.

If you successfully upgrade one of those HP Regen rings, it's +20-29 more HP regen. They average 8 normally! A level 56 ring only regens like 15HP per 10s!!!

So, if you get one to +2, that's ~50 more HP per 10s passive regen. Up to +3 it's ~75.

Here are my 3 rings:

Ring of Silver Wing +3 -> 7 + 79 HP Automatic Recovery every 10 Seconds. 86 HP / Every 10 Sec
Mind Necklace +3 -> 22 + 196 Max HP bonus. A total of 218 more Max HP
Silver Earring +3 -> 5 + 79 MP Automatic Recovery every 10 Seconds. 84 MP / Every 10 Sec

All 3 of these items only have a level 24 requirement.

There is a caveat though.


Here's what I think they are off of internet research + off-top-of-my-head memory:

+1 : 100%
+2 : 49%
+3 : 19%
+4 : 7%
+5 : Mythical

What I did was buy 2 of the type of ring I wanted, upgraded one to +2, then got the other to +2 (or failed most likely).

Then, when I had 2 at the same level, I took the worse of the 2 (they have random enchant values, if it failed I wanted to keep the better one) and attempted to upgrade it to +3.

I did this until I had all 3 up to +3, which gave me great regens for early-mid game. Still loving the regen.

Late game I plan on experimenting when I have more mesos, but for now I doubt I'll be replacing those rings anytime soon. Currently level 56.

Happy playing guys!!!

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