Using a controller with android emulator!

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Using a controller with android emulator!

Post by Derp on Sun Nov 22, 2015 8:29 pm

Wanna play this on you're computer instead? Wanna use a keyboard or controller?? Look no further!
It's a bit tricky but well worth it if you wanna use the controller.

Follow these steps

1. Download an emulator such as Bluestacks
2. Install it and install pocket maplestory
3. Now, with the game running select a character, go to options and change your control stick to a D-pad and save. Now click the bottom right icon that looks like a keyboard. Here you can click specific locations and set up a keybind on your keyboard to happen when you press the button you define. Set up a key for every spot thats necessary and write them down somewhere so you know what buttons what.
4. Download Xpadder. What Xpadder does is let you set up you're controller to emulate a key press.. exe If you press X on an xbox controller it could be configured to actually be the "s" key on your keyboard (Or any key you want)
5. Once you have it all configured you're ready to go!

I'll come back to this post with pictures to make this alot easier.

EDIT: It's recently come to my attention that xPadder is now a paid program Sad However for any of you familiar with torrenting, heres a link to it.

Here is a video tutorial of setting up xPadder, remember the image is NOT required.

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