Regarding the rewards from Cassandra (RickOnPC)

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Regarding the rewards from Cassandra (RickOnPC)

Post by Derp on Sun Nov 22, 2015 8:15 pm

I'm not sure if everyone's been made aware of this yet, but the rewards from the event are limited. This means that the 5 Miracle Cubes and 3 Chaos cubes you can get from the event are set. So if you are using candies to refresh, I recommend you don't. You can't get more than those if you have already purchased them. Instead I recommend you use your emeralds on the low level weapons that cost 100 emeralds each.

If you're not entirely sure which rewards you have/haven't redeemed yet, simply click the banner in the Cassandra shop and it should tell you what is available.

Hopefully the daily reset affect it though

Also, the cap seems to be character specific, rather than account. Meaning each character can farm 3/5 chaos/miracle cubes, so it's definitely something to think about

One last comment, the emeralds ARE transferable through the storage, so there is some room there for experimenting

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Re: Regarding the rewards from Cassandra (RickOnPC)

Post by RickOnPC on Mon Nov 23, 2015 12:37 am

Ah yes. By the way, it seems like the limit is capped to 3 Chaos and 5 Miracle cubes per character and does not reset with the daily reset, meaning if you want more than those, you'd have to transfer your Emeralds to a new character and buy them there Smile

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