EXP/Loot Lag issue with PICS (blackturtle)

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EXP/Loot Lag issue with PICS (blackturtle)

Post by Derp on Sun Nov 22, 2015 6:41 pm

So last night I went to bed with my AB autoing in ToT. I was level 113, and since I was fairly low for being in ToT I knew I would wake up several levels higher. So I wake up 6-7 hours later (now) and I was only 114. I was bummed then realized the exp lag must have been severe over night. So I do a quick triple click of my home button (iPhone 5s) to get the reconnect screen in-game, and this is the result

Once reconnecting, as you can see above there was my loot I gathered overnight, everywhere. I quickly put out my dragon and get a majority of it but some bounces around like in the other glitch. (Example pics here)

I was still waiting for my EXP to come through when I get the: 

Thankfully when I logged back in, you'll see I levelled from 114 to 119, nearly 120:

Hopefully this thread shines some light on the problems some of us are facing with this bug.

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